Is There a Cure For Hair Loss?

Losing hair happens every day. In fact, on average the human head will lose about a hundred hairs a day, so less than a year from now you may have a head of hair that’s completely different than the one you have right now. But for some select individuals those hundred hairs fall out, and they’ve never seen again. Today we are looking at the cure for baldness. Let’s get right to the facts.

Before we try to delve into the world of the cure for baldness, we need to understand why some people’s garden refused to grow back. The most common cause of baldness is called pattern hair loss, which will affect approximately 50% of men and 25% of women by the time they’re 50. Women may only have thinning of their hair, but us guys get the short end of the stick and may undergo complete baldness.

The reason behind this hair loss is just put your genes, your DNA gene, which codes the makeup of your entire body. Some men are genetically predisposed to having a higher level of a hormone called dihydrotestosterone, which is believed to shorten the life of the hair follicle. You get your genes from your parents, so chances are if your dad and grandpa start going bald, you may end up a little sparse up top yourself. Is there no way to combat this genetic progression? The short answer is no. As we speak, there is no permanent solution for baldness. Think about it.

The hair loss industry makes so much money off of supposed miracle cures. Why would they want to solve the problem? It generates billions nearly. There always seems to be a cure just five years away, but in five years the cure is still five years away.

However, a few options left to combat the baldness at least for as long as you’re willing to pay. The first solution is called Minoxidil better known as Rogaine. When applied to the scalp, Rogaine may slow balding or even help some people grow back hair. But the solution ends when you stop using the treatment. Another temporary solution is a pill called Finasteride, which works a bit more efficiently than Rogaine but with more side effects.

Before you start blaming dad for your shining cap, take this into consideration. A study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania concluded that men with a bald or shaved head are seen as 13% more attractive and dominant. So maybe some good comes out of this predicament. When in doubt there’s always a fun wig or two out there for help.

Review of Breast Actives Pills

It is common for girls to be insecure about how they look. Most girls are conscious about the size of the butt. But there are also girls who are very insecure about the size of their breast. So many girls assume that the bigger the breast, the sexier they are. For that very reason, so many people are buying breast enlargement pills to augment their breast. If you are willing to do such thing, you should try it first with Breast Actives pills. Here is our review of the product and why you should be using it.

Breast Actives Pills Review 2017

Breast Actives Pills is one of the best breast enlargement pills out there. It contains all the right substance to enlarge your breast. It includes items such as fennel seeds and dandelion roots which are known to enlarge breast naturally. All the natural ingredients are known to stimulate and promote growth in the breast tissues. Because it is a natural pill, you don’t have to worry about side effects. There will be no dangerous chemical substance that can threaten your health. In overall, Breast Actives Pills differ from others because it is natural and organic.

The Three Steps Formula

Breast Actives Pills is different than your regular breast enlargement pills. It comes with the three stages formula instruction that you can do to augment your breast. The first step of the product is to promote fat storage in the breast tissue area. Therefore, it will increase your breast naturally. The other ingredients such as the Red Clover and Aloe Vera will then increase the blood flow to your breast. This will certainly enlarge your breast for a longer period. Lastly, the exercise recommended by the products will help you tone your chest and strengthen the augmentation.

The Possible Negative Side Effects

Although Breast Actives is one of the most talked about products positively, this product also has several adverse effects. In general, all of the ingredients are all safe and beneficial for your body. But some people have been complaining about the allergic reaction that their body does. So before you use this product, it is better for you to conduct an allergy test so that you can determine the safety of the pills. You can certainly try it out without having to deal with the test, but you should not take any chance. Go ahead and use the products now.

Male Sexual Health. Erectile Dysfunction

We have got to talk about what the fellas don’t want to talk about – erectile dysfunction, problems with those personal relationships. Is there any point where this is normal for a guy? Well you know that is the problem is that a lot of guys think “well, you know, maybe this is normal, I’m stressed out, I’m not getting enough sleep, ” and those things may be true. But there are also medical problems that cause a decrease in performance, a decline in interest in sex. And one of those things that we see more and more now is diabetes. So if there is a decrease in ability to perform it may not be just because “oh yeah, you convince yourself you are not really in the mood to feel like it” but rather an inability because of something else metabolic going on.

There are a lot of treatment options out there. Diabetes is just one medical condition. Certainly, there are heart conditions and heart medications that can affect performance as well. So it is essential to be able to bring that to light the physician. And even if it is an issue of depression that is something that is treatable.

If it is a matter of desire, sometimes that will be because of low testosterone. And low testosterone can cause some serious medical problems including bone loss. That is what some people refer to as the “male menopause.” And they can have problems with depression, memory loss, bone loss, fatigue, muscle wasting, and again that something is very treatable.

Just a quick word on another topic we just need to touch on which is sexually transmitted diseases. Especially guys out there that have a lot of partners although that doesn’t necessarily, disqualify you if you just with one person. What is the best advice I can give? Well, the best advice, of course, is to be choosy and then sure to use a condom.

Condoms don’t protect against all those STD’s. The human papilloma virus that we are seeing a lot of in the news these days is what causes venereal warts, that happy to live in their growing area elsewhere that are not covered by a condom; herpes as well. And both love those can be equally transmitted by oral sex as well. So we have to keep in mind that when we think about sexually transmitted diseases and sexual diseases we have to think about oral sex and not just traditional sex.