Male Sexual Health. Erectile Dysfunction

We have got to talk about what the fellas don’t want to talk about – erectile dysfunction, problems with those personal relationships. Is there any point where this is normal for a guy? Well you know that is the problem is that a lot of guys think “well, you know, maybe this is normal, I’m stressed out, I’m not getting enough sleep, ” and those things may be true. But there are also medical problems that cause a decrease in performance, a decline in interest in sex. And one of those things that we see more and more now is diabetes. So if there is a decrease in ability to perform it may not be just because “oh yeah, you convince yourself you are not really in the mood to feel like it” but rather an inability because of something else metabolic going on.

There are a lot of treatment options out there. Diabetes is just one medical condition. Certainly, there are heart conditions and heart medications that can affect performance as well. So it is essential to be able to bring that to light the physician. And even if it is an issue of depression that is something that is treatable.

If it is a matter of desire, sometimes that will be because of low testosterone. And low testosterone can cause some serious medical problems including bone loss. That is what some people refer to as the “male menopause.” And they can have problems with depression, memory loss, bone loss, fatigue, muscle wasting, and again that something is very treatable.

Just a quick word on another topic we just need to touch on which is sexually transmitted diseases. Especially guys out there that have a lot of partners although that doesn’t necessarily, disqualify you if you just with one person. What is the best advice I can give? Well, the best advice, of course, is to be choosy and then sure to use a condom.

Condoms don’t protect against all those STD’s. The human papilloma virus that we are seeing a lot of in the news these days is what causes venereal warts, that happy to live in their growing area elsewhere that are not covered by a condom; herpes as well. And both love those can be equally transmitted by oral sex as well. So we have to keep in mind that when we think about sexually transmitted diseases and sexual diseases we have to think about oral sex and not just traditional sex.