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Quiz Genie blew out a hard drive on Friday 9/23. We had a Raid array, so we didn’t lose any data, but we did lose most of a day getting all the files moved onto a new server after the old server decided it wouldn’t boot up without the dead drive.

Quiz Genie is the work of Dr. Catherine Sarisky and Dr. Timothy Johann

Timothy W. Johann

  • Assistant Professor
  • Department of Chemistry and Physics
  • Radford Univeristy


  • B.A. Hamline University, double major in chemistry and biology;
  • Ph.D. California Institute of Technology, bio-inorganic chemistry.

Current Courses:

  • Biochemistry 471, first semester biochemistry;
  • Biochemistry 472, second semester biochemistry;
  • Biochemistry 474, a research based biochemistry laboratory course;
  • General Chemistry.

Previously Taught Courses:

  • General Chemistry for Pre-Allied Health Students;
  • Chemistry and the Environment, a non-majors general education course;
  • Introductory Chemistry, a pre-general chemistry course for science majors.


My general research interests are in studying the relationship between macromolecular structure and function. The goal of all projects is to provide undergraduate students with valuable research experience while studying important, real world problems. Currently, I’m collaborating with Catherine Sarisky and Radford undergraduate students to study the specific bonding contacts made between the enzyme methenyltetrahydrofolate synthetase (MTHFS) and its substrates. For more information on the research project, click here.

Curriculum Development

  • Developed a comprehensive workbook with problem sets and study guides for General Chemistry for Pre-Allied Health Student courses (G of GOB).*
  • Developed a research based biochemistry course (Biochemistry 474).*
  • Concept development for an online homework tool (Quiz Genie).*
  • Wrote full course content for Quiz Genie for General Chemistry (1st term only) and Biochemistry (1st term only).
  • Developed custom full course study guides for General Chemistry and Biochemistry.
  • Creation and maintenance of a comprehensive online archive of all quizzes, exams, and answer keys from previous classes for student practice.
  • Implementated Calibrated Peer Review in Biochemistry.
    • *Co-developed with Catherine Sarisky

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