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Welcome to the lab archive!

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What can you do here?

  • Browse for new experiments to do with your students;
  • Share copies of experiments you have written, using our quick and easy upload procedure;
  • Discuss issues related to labs in the forums;
  • View links to other laboratory sources, and share your links.

Who is the archive for?

  • Science educators of all sorts: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, etc! Experiments from any field can be posted. The quality of the offerings in each field depends on YOU!
  • Educators at any level. We’d like to provide experiments for high-school through advanced undergraduate science courses. Again, if the offerings at your level seem sparse, please help us correct this!

What will it cost me?

Use of the archive is free! However, if you want the archive to continue to improve, please show your support by:

  • Becoming a registered user;
  • Contributing an experiment or a link to an experiment;
  • Helping to rate already submitted experiments;
  • Linking to the lab archive from your site.

I had a lot of fun setting up this site. I hope you’ll enjoy using it.

Cathy Sarisky
Research Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech

Friendly reminder: If you find the archive valuable, please show your support by registering, rating the experiments, adding links, posting in the forums, or submitting an experiment you’ve written or a link to an experiment found elsewhere on the WWW.

The archive will grow and flourish only if the users are also contributors! Take what you need, but then please consider what you have available to give.